Jobs, Internships and Independent Study

CED alumni work for a wide variety of different organizations, reflecting how they're using core CED skills and knowledge to address issues of interest to them. Many alumni found internships and independent studies are a great way to gain experience while earning academic credit in the Community, Environment, and Development program.


The CED major focuses on core knowledge and skills required for professional success working on community-level issues, including a strong emphasis on economics and sociology, that students apply towards their own special interests via their four-course specialization. Our alumni thus work in a wide variety of different areas, such as corporate social responsibility, economic development, government, community associations or non-profits, environment/sustainability, and local foods, all sharing a common focus on the community level.

Recent Examples of Jobs Held by CED Alumni

Internships and Independent Studies

These are a great way to gain experience while earning academic credit in the Community, Environment and Development program.

Students have the potential to earn 1-15 credits through the course CED 495A: Internship in Community, Environment, and Development.  The internship should consist of supervised field experience that is related to the student's interests.

Students have the potential to earn credits through the course CED 496: Independent Study.

To earn credit for an internship or an independent study, students must consult with a Community, Environment, and Development (CED) instructor, and complete either:

Examples of CED Internship Opportunities

Current Job & Internship Opportunities

The following sites frequently list CED-related job & internship opportunities

College of Agricultural Sciences Internship Website

Community Development-Related Jobs

Economic Development-Related

Environment & Sustainability-Related

  • ACRE. Acre is a company offering support to businesses, non-profits, and others working on sustainability issues. The site includes a  jobs listing.
  • Center for Corporate Citizenship. A member supported organization, the Center includes a listing of Corporate Social Responsibility job openings.
  • Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA).  PALTA helps people conserve land by helping nonprofits and local governments improve their effectiveness and efficiency in acquiring and stewarding land and conservation easements.
  •  A collection of sustainability and environmental responsibility jobs. 


General Job Search Resources

  • Going Global.  PSU website for international jor or internship seekers that offers accurate and up to date country-specific information.
  • A job listing site to connect idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration.
  •  A job site listing volunteer and work opportunities around the world.


Examples of potential internship opportunities for students majoring in Community, Environment, and Development.