In addition to major classes and general education courses, students majoring in Agribusiness Management must develop a 12-credit specialization.
Information technology.

Information technology.

Six of these 12 credits must be completed at the 300 or 400 level. The specialization courses may be taken in any number of areas, as long as the student and advisor agree that these courses will contribute to the student's educational goals.  The specialization courses may be combined with a minor program.

Students are required to consult with their academic advisor before choosing a specialization.

Specializations can be designed for different purposes to allow students the opportunity to (as examples):

  • gain depth in a topic of special interest,
  • pursue a semester abroad,
  • earn credits towards a minor, or
  • explore a set of interrelated ideas outside of agribusiness

Examples of specializations

  • A language
  • Information technology
  • International business
  • International agriculture
  • Leadership development
  • Animal science
  • Entrepreneurship
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