Internships and Independent Study

Internships and independent studies are great ways to gain experience while earning academic credit in the Agribusiness Management program.

Internships and independent studies allow you to apply knowledge gained in the Agribusiness Management program to a business of your choice. They can also help you market yourself to a potential employer.

Internship credits are limited to students majoring or minoring in an AESE program. Internship credits through AESE are given with the following course titles: AGBM 495, AGSC 495, AEE 395, and CED 495A. The internship must be a supervised field experience and related to the student’s major/professional interest. Written and/or oral critique of the activities will be required. The requirements will be based on an agreement between the internship faculty supervisor and student.

Students also have the potential to earn credits through the course AG BM 496: Independent Study.

To earn credit for an internship or an independent study, students must consult with an Agribusiness Management (AG BM) instructor, and complete either:

Internship Opportunities: