Graduate School Requirements. In addition to departmental requirements, students must meet the general Graduate School admission requirements found in the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin.

Letter of Introduction and Resume. Applicants must submit a two-to three-page letter of introduction in which they describe their professional experience and education and delineate their career goals. A current resume is also required. In the letter of introduction, applicants should address:

  • Why are you applying for admission to this graduate program and why you are now ready for this intellectual challenge.
  • Relevant educational and work experiences and their link to pursuing a graduate degree in this Department.
  • How your future career goals relate to your proposed graduate program.
  • What core area within the EDCE graduate program is of particular interest and why.
  • Areas of research and scholarship you expect to pursue as part of your graduate education.
  • How you plan to pursue an academically rigorous graduate program, participate in graduate student activities, and become involved in the profession while a student.
  • How you plan to fulfill the Penn State University residency requirement following candidacy.
  • What you want to do immediately following graduation from this program, in five years, and ten years.

Grade Point Average. Applicants should have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.40 on a 4.00 scale or GRE scores totaling 1000 on the verbal plus quantitative subscales. Applicants interested in being considered for fellowships and/or other recognition should submit GRE scores.

Official Transcripts. Official transcripts providing evidence of a baccalaureate degree as specified by Graduate School guidelines. Also submit official transcripts for graduate degree or credits. Applicants must provide evidence of either a baccalaureate or a master's degree in the agricultural sciences, human sciences, or related area.

References. Have three individuals complete and forward a reference form for you. These forms can be downloaded from our departmental Web site