The program is intended to meet the needs of persons currently employed or desiring employment in formal or non formal education and research, including employment in agricultural and extension education or youth and family education, college or university programs, within state or local administrative/supervisory positions, private industry, non-profit organizations, and international education.

The Ph.D. is an academic degree, conferred in recognition of high attainment and productive scholarship. The graduate committee, research adviser, and the Ph.D. student work very closely in order to achieve those standards throughout the program.

The program usually lasts three years. Students are required to take to 75 credits, a candidacy exam, a comprehensive exam, meet department publication requirements, and defend a dissertation/thesis.

If you are interested in exploring the frontiers of knowledge in agricultural and extension education or in outreach/extension scholarship through either the agricultural sciences or in the human sciences our program offers excellent opportunities.

Former graduate students currently hold faculty appointments in higher education or international organizations.

Ph.D. Summary of Requirements Form

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Program Admission Requirements
Doctoral Adviser and Committee
Degree Completion Requirements

Doctoral degree candidates must comply with all Graduate School requirements and deadlines as indicated in the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin, the Department's Graduate Student Handbook, and thesis deadlines issued by the Graduate School.

Doctoral Flow Chart

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Doctoral Plan of Study

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