Factsheet on Building Better Workplaces for Family Caregivers

Posted: March 13, 2011

The National Partnership for Women and Families recently released a fact sheet on employed family caregivers and the challenges they face in the workplace. The fact sheet highlights the conflicts caregivers face when they are forced to choose between caring for a lovedone or keeping their job.

According to the report, nearly six in ten caregivers are employed and more than seven in ten were employed at some point during their caregiving role. A continuing challenge for the working family caregiver is that the workplace hasn’t adapted to meet the needs of caregiving. Serving as a family caregiver while working can mean risking discipline, loss of pay, promotion, or even job loss.

In many cases, caregivers are forced to decide between keeping their job or being a caregiver. In 2009 there were 66 million Americans who served as unpaid caregivers. For more information, visit: National Partnership for Women and Families.