Campaign to Assist Victims of the Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Nuclear Explosion in Japan

Posted: June 14, 2011

The oldest segment of Japan’s population will likely be the hardest hit as a result of the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami, based on data from previous catastrophic events. Approximately 23% of Japanese citizens currently are age 65 and above. This is the highest proportion of older people in any country.

The Japan Intergenerational Unity Association has begun the “Crayons and T-Shirts Hand in Hand” project which aims to support victims of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosion in North East Japan. They are sending items such as T-Shirts, undergarments, hand cream, and towels to the elderly and pencils, notebooks, and crayons to children. The campaign has already sent more than 1,500 T-shirts and more than 300 mid-sized cardboard boxes which contain food, water and clothes to the victims in the northern areas of Japan.

Atsuko Kusano, Director of the Japan Intergenerational Unity Association, commented on June 6, 2011, “The situation of the Fukushima nuclear energy plant is still desperate and, for many, hopeless. A lot of people around the plant have lost their houses, fields, cows and pets like dogs and cats. Some refugees are still struggling. Refugees who went to the main big shelters can get enough food, water and clothes, but many of those who live in small-sized shelters or are staying in people’s houses that were not damaged so much are having a hard time getting enough food, water and clothes. Newspaper and TV journalists go to the main and big shelters and write their articles. We have been working for those minor refugees.”

For those interested in making a donation to "Crayons and T-Shirts Hand in Hand” campaign, here is the relevant bank and contact information:
The Mitsuisumitomo Bank,Ltd., Eifukucho Branch
Account #: 01-306-0819723
Name of NPO: Nihon Sedaikan Koryukyokai
(JIUA:Japan Intergenerational Unity Association)
Address: c/o Prof. Kusano Laboratory,
Shiraumegakuen University, 1-830, Ogawacho,
Kodairashi, Tokyo, Japan 187-8570
Phone Number: 42-348-2009 (country code 81)
FAX: 42-346-5616 (country code 81)
E-mail address for Atsuko Kusano (JIUA Director):