Items to Bring to Complete Your Tax Return

Please come prepared. This will save time so more taxpayers can be assisted.

Gather your materials, and place in the order listed BEFORE you come to a site and paper clip them. Doing so will:

  • Insure that you have everything needed to complete the return
  • Decrease the time you spend at the site and
  • Help volunteers assist more taxpayers.

Removing items from envelopes will save additional time. Please bring the following:

  • Both taxpayers if filing status is married filing jointly
  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Cards of all household members. The actual card or a copy of the card for reference insures that the social security number and name on file with the government will match IRS records and therefore prevent DELAYS in processing your return and any refunds due.
  • Birth dates for everyone to be included on the tax return.
  • Last year's tax returns-federal and state if available
  • Copies of all W-2, Forms 1098 and 1099, unemployment, gambling winnings, tips, alimony paid or received.
  • Financial statements from banks or other institutions with interest and or dividend earned.
  • Amounts contributed to retirement funds, education expenses, medical expenses.
  • Retirement income, Social Security or Railroad Retirement Benefits statements.
  • Childcare provider's name, address, EIN (employer identification number) or social security number and amount paid to provide care.
  • Bank routing and account numbers for direct deposit. Direct deposits equal faster refunds.
    • Checking accounts (actual check needed). Deposit slips DO NOT have the correct account information needed for direct deposit.
    • Savings account numbers-contact your bank to verify the routing and account numbers as these may be different than the numbers listed on monthly statements or deposit slips.
  • State and/or federal income taxes paid (usually on the W-2). If payments made in other forms (for example, estimated payments using Form 1040-ES) bring documentation of payment including dates paid.
  • Investments date of purchase, price paid, date sold, price received.
  • Proof of PA rent or property taxes and home mortgage interest paid, if applicable.