Tax Calendar - Important Dates For Individuals

Deadlines for receiving tax documents

January 31

Deadline for employers to mail taxpayers their tax year W-2 forms. 

February 15

Deadline for brokers, brokerage firms and mutual fund companies to issue Forms 1099-B and 1099-MISC which document taxes withheld, interest earned, dividends paid, and capital gains.

Quarterly Estimated Taxes Payments

Self-employed individuals and anyone who does not have taxes withheld from paychecks by an employer should send in estimated taxes owed each quarter to avoid being penalized.


Other Deadlines

April 15 Deadline for filing federal and state income tax returns and for filing extensions to file
June 30 Pennsylvania Rent and Property Rebate filing deadline
October 15 Deadline for filing returns for those requesting an extension to file returns after April 15.

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