M. E. John Seminar Series

Internationalization of higher education has been pervasive in the past few years. As part of this trend, increasing numbers of faculty and students are involved in international research. Conducting international research poses various challenges yet it also creates rich and valuable experiences. This presentation will provide some insights on preparing and conducting international research. The presentation will address various themes including how to gain entry, how to deal with ethical, cultural, and social issues, how to negotiate our identities as outsider, and other pertinent topics. Using my own experience in conducting various international research as examples; I hope that this presentation will not only address some methodological and theoretical issues but also practical strategies. Bio: Dr.Kusujiarti is a professor of Sociology and chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, North Carolina, USA. She conducts extensive research and teaching on gender relations, development, disaster, climate change, and social change in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Her publications include a co-author book with Dr. Ann R. Tickamyer (Pennsylvania State University) entitled Power, Change, and Gender Relations in Rural Java: A Tale of Two Villages published by Ohio University (2012). She also published a journal article entitled Unveiling the Mysteries of Aceh, Indonesia: Local and Global Intersections of Women’s Agency (2015). Her most recent publication is “Tsunami, Civil Society and Shari’ah Law in Aceh, Indonesia: Intersection of Disaster, Decentralization and Gender Relations” in The Governance of Local Communities: Local Perspectives and Challenges by Thom Reilly (editor) published in 2017.

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November 16, 2018, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


205 Ferguson Building

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