Public Research

Shannon M. Monnat, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology, Demography, and Sociology,

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Research Briefs

Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide Represent Growing Share of U.S. Mortality

Deaths of Despair and Support for Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election

Drugs, Death and Despair in New England

Rural Adolescents are More Likely than their Urban Peers to Abuse Prescription Painkillers

Hispanic Health Insurance Rates Differ between Established and New Hispanic Destinations

Does Mother's Health Care Access Influence Adolescent Girls' HPV Vaccination?

Newsletters and Blogs

Rural Voters and the Rural Vote in 2016

More than a Rural Revolt: Landscapes of Distress and the 2016 Presidential Election

Public Presentations

Faces of Addiction: From Prescription Painkillers to Heroin (Presentation about prescription painkiller and heroin abuse at Schlow Public Library)

Handout: State Ag and Rural Leaders 2016 Legislative Ag Chairs Summit 

Recent Media and News

How Despair Killed a Million Americans

In Pennsylvania, Troubles Lead Some to Drugs, others to Trump

Opioid Epidemic is an Immediate Test for Donald Trump's Administration

Trump Over Performed the Most in Counties with the Highest Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Mortality Rates

Did the Opioid Epidemic Help Donald Trump Win?

Trump Succeeded in Regions Hit Hardest by the Drug Epidemic

A Demographer's View of the Opioid Crisis

What is Behind America's Heroin Epidemic?

Adolescent Painkiller Abuse a Big Problems for Small Towns, Rural Areas

Study Links ER with Rural Adolescent Painkiller Misuse

Rural Teens More Likely to Abuse Prescription Opioids

Opiate Addiction Spreading, Becoming More Complex