First Visit


Posted: April 1, 2016

Love Park

Love Park

I'm very excited to get started with my internship in Philadelphia with Karina. This spring break, Karina and I are visiting Penn State Extension in Downtown Philadelphia in order to get more specifics on our program. John Byrnes and Tommy McCann of Penn State Extension have been helpful with answering our e-mails with any questions about the internship that we have. Although there may have been difficulties with communication in terms of our project, they both have been extremely adamant about making guidelines for potential urban agricultural farmers in Philadelphia. Considering that I have little experience with urban agriculture, I'm excited to learn about the structure and business, and how this sector influences Philadelphia's community.  

After meeting with John and Tommy, I was able to attend a farmer's market in Clarks Park in order to get a taste of what urban agriculture is. Here, I visited a farmer's market with my mom in order to see how they operate. Many of these farmers were from outside of Philadelphia, usually from Lancaster, PA, because these farms are able to harvest more products in colder times. I'm excited to see how urban farmers integrate into this system once they are able to grow at a stronger rate. My mom and I also visited Mariposa, a food co-op that distributes the produce from local farmers.  There were many options in terms of produce, which surprised me because of the season that we were in.  I hope to visit more places like the farmer's market and Mariposa to further understand the role of urban agriculture in Philadelphia.