I'm pleased that our first cohort of the SSCEP program is now and running, with eleven students (representing five different majors), and five Pennsylvania communities.

Spring Break is now more than a week behind us, and I feel as though I am just catching up to where I am comfortable sitting down to take the occasional breather.

McKees Rocks is the quintessential Rust Belt community just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Summer is getting closer every week, and the SSCEP program is preparing us with the skills needed to serve our community at a high level.

First potential project for Lock Haven.

I wrote my first "real" grant to try to get funding for a project in Lock Haven. It didn't quite go as planned...

Update on the Lock Haven group April 25th, 2016.

Well, today was it—the last day of CED 497b. We’ve spent the past few months preparing for our upcoming community work, and now it is right around the corner.

I have just completed my first week working for the City of New Castle. Some things that I got to experience this week included sitting in on a meeting about land banks, working on compiling a list of vacant properties, and visiting the high school to visit students who were part of a community program. It is very different for me to work in a city of this size, as I am more familiar with Philadelphia, or with the suburbs near where I live. I like what I have been working on, and look forward to working on more of it next week. My current project is to go around an update a list of abandoned houses in the town, and take a picture and make note of their current state. There is over 500 so this is a big task.

CityLife City Philadelphia Adventures

Being able to participate in the SSCEP Program is one of the highlights of my college career.