Philadelphia lies along the south/east edge of Pennsylvania, stretching along the widening mouth of the Delaware river. Philly is the largest city in Pennsylvania, with a diverse, and culturally dynamic population of 1.5 million people.

Students doing the program in Philadelphia will work with Philly's Penn State Extension office, located in the downtown area. The extension office works on everything from food safety and health, to youth and family development, through projects that focus on agriculture education for individuals, families and businesses. Current Penn State Extension projects in Philadelphia include the 4-H youth program, educating youth about resource management and personal development, and the Master Gardener program, which provides extensive training in many phases of gardening in return for volunteer horticulture outreach in the public.

These partners include a nice mix of rural and urban communities, which will provide the students a wide variety of experiences in a diverse set of environments. Though each student will be working in a single community, they will regularly discuss and compare their activities in their community with fellow SSCEP students working in the other places, providing them the opportunity to learn from other students' experiences.