Scholarship, Sustainability and Civic Engagement Program

SSCEP is a 7-credit, immersive engaged scholarship experience that brings together undergraduate students that are interested in community development, civic engagement as well as sustainability and pairs them with faculty members and a host community in order to gain professional experience and apply the skills learned in class in a real-world setting.

Check out the Scholarship, Sustainability and Civic Engagement Program (SSCEP). It's more than a summer internship in your junior year. It's a unique opportunity to team with community development professionals, to gain field-related experience, earn credits and test-drive your interest in a community development career.

SSCEP allows students to learn about community development in the classroom, apply those skills in a professional environment, reflect on their experiences inside and outside the classroom and share these experiences with others.

The program is made up of two courses, a summer internship, and a mentorship (7 credits total).

The first semester of SSCEP consists of a 3-credit pro-seminar style course during which students learn about the various host communities as well as professional practice of community development. The students will be paired with a host community, and communicate with them in preparation for their summer project.

The students spend the summer (for 1 credit) in the host community working with a local team on a locally identified sustainability-related project.

Fall semester consists of two parts; a 3-credit course to debrief and reflect on students' summer experiences, while continuing engagement in the community via Skype, email, phone calls etc.

The second part of the course the students mentor the incoming SSCEP students who will be based in their host community, helping prepare the students for their SSCEP experience.