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For several weeks of a human development and family studies course titled “Perspectives on Aging,” Penn State Harrisburg students are paired with residents at a continuing care retirement community to mine their memories and deepen their understanding of each other in ways they didn't expect.

The "International Network for the Analysis of Intergenerational Relations" has issued this jointly produced compendium in 17 languages.

Homesharing enables two unrelated people to share a home and their lives for their mutual benefit. There are now Homeshare programs in 14 countries from Canada to Korea, Austria to Australia. These programs typically match older householders with young homesharers.

Co-editors for this special issue of the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships are: Alan Hatton-Yeo, D.Univ, MBE and Alison Clyde

See below for an assortment of updates on recent research on aging and caregiving.

Researchers recently looked at the association of volunteering with cognitive functioning in a large longitudinal study to gain additional insights into which aspects of older adults’ cognition are particularly impacted by volunteering and to see who might receive the greatest cognitive benefit from volunteering.

This new NCFR (National Council on Family Relations) Policy Brief on family-friendly workplace policies was written by Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask.

Generations United’s Valuing Vaccinations Across Generations campaign launched in the United States through partnerships with the Gerontological Society of America and the American Academy of Pediatrics (with support from Pfizer) has gone international.

From making French baguettes, to sharing chocolate mouse, playing Scrabble in French, reading poems and visiting famous French monuments, primary school students and senior volunteers have a great time at the International School of Paris.

A Memory Café is a place where individuals with dementia or memory loss and their caregivers can get together in a safe, supportive, engaging, and accepting environment. If you are interested in learning more about starting a Memory Café, free training and assistance is available through the Alzheimer’s Association.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in research and resources for grandparents and other relatives raising grandchildren ("grandfamilies"). See below for information on new resources (including reports, websites, new programs, and multimedia training materials) developed to support grandfamilies.

The ILI (Intergenerational Leadership Institute) is a certificate-training program developed by Penn State University in 2015 for older adults (primary target audience is 55+) seeking new lifelong learning experiences, skills, and volunteer opportunities to contribute to innovation and change in their communities.

This issue of Penn State’s Ideas for Intergenerational Living newsletter highlights new programs, resources, and events in Pennsylvania and on the national and international scenes. As always, please continue to send me your IG news (recent research, resources, events, etc.).

The 2018 Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (NAREA) Pre-Conference Workshop, co-sponsored by the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, will be held on June 9-10, 2018, in Philadelphia, PA.

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A printer friendly PDF version of the call for papers for the 2018 NAREA pre-conference workshop on Advances in the Economic Analysis of Food System Drivers and Effects.

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This sourcebook captures the best of what has been developed over the years and is rich with concrete exercises designed to break the ice and begin bringing the generations together. It’s practical and as accessible to first timers as it is to seasoned pros.