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A collection of all publications authored or co-authored by Center staff and/or partners. This collection is under construction—if you don't find a publication you're looking forward, please search for it in the search box (upper right corner), or email us at
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RDP34 - Stephan Goetz, December 2006. Article:

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RDP36 - Evaluation Research and Strategy Development for the Tourism Enterprise Development: Activities of the Progress Fund. Martin Shields and David W. Hughes, August 2006.

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RDP35 - A Systems Approach to Community Land Use Education, Planning, and Action. Timothy Collins and Stephan Goetz, June 2006.

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RDP31 - Mark Lapping, November 2005.

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RDP29 - Stephan Goetz et al., October 2005.

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RDP28 - Diane McLaughlin, October 2005.

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RDP26 - Stephan J. Goetz, Martin Shields and Qiuyan (Cindy) Wang, November 2004.

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RDP25 - Nelson Bills, Charles Geisler, Al Sokolow and David Kay, October 2004.

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RDP23 - Workshop Summary prepared by Charles Abdalla, August 2004.

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RDP22 - Anil Rupasingha and Stephan J. Goetz, December 2003.

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RDP20 - Workshop Proceedings edited by Stephan J. Goetz and William Shuffstall, September 2003.

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RDP21 - Workshop Proceedings prepared by Lori Lynch and Joshua M. Duke, September 2003.

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RDP19 - Workshop Proceedings edited by Stephan J. Goetz and Timothy W. Kelsey, September 2003.

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RDP16 - Stephan J. Goetz, February 2003. Paper presented at the Agricultural Outlook Forum 2003, February 20, Arlington, Virginia.

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RDP15 - Final Grant Report, Edmund M. Tavernier et al., February 2003.