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A collection of all publications authored or co-authored by Center staff and/or partners. This collection is under construction—if you don't find a publication you're looking forward, please search for it in the search box (upper right corner), or email us at

By Yicheol Han (Penn State), Stephan Goetz (Penn State), Taegon Kim (Seoul National University of Korea) and JeongJae Lee (Seoul National University of Korea). Published in the September 2013 issue of Growth and Change.

By Anil Rupasingha (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta) and Stephan J. Goetz (Penn State). Published in the March 2013 edition of Papers in Regional Science.

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RDP50 - The Determinants of Rural Self-Employment: Insights from County-Level Data. Stephan J. Goetz and Anil Rupasingha, October 17, 2011


By Stephan J. Goetz (Penn State), David A. Fleming (Penn State), and Anil Rupasingha (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta). Published in the August 2012 edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

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RDP52 - Proceedings of the What Works! 2011 Conference: Entrepreneurship and Community Development in the Northeast. Conference Proceedings edited by Kathleen Liang and Stephan J. Goetz, April 2012. 3MB pdf.

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RDP51 - Marcellus Shale Multi-State Academic Research Conference. Event Collaborators: Cornell University, Penn State University, West Virginia University, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, and Ben Franklin Technology Central and Northern PA, May 10-11, 2011

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RDP49 - Sharing the Gains of Local Economic Growth: Race to the Top vs. Race to the Bottom Economic Development Policies. Stephan J. Goetz, Mark D. Partridge, Dan S. Rickman and Shibalee Majumdar. December 19, 2010.

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RDP48 - Does Local Firm Ownership Matter? David A. Fleming and Stephan J. Goetz, December 3, 2010.

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RDP47 - A Social Network Analysis of the May 2009 NE-RCRD Local Foods Conference: Technical Report. Kathryn Brasier and Stephan J. Goetz, July 15, 2010. PDF file.

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RDP46 - Evaluating Rural Entrepreneurship Policy. Stephan J. Goetz, Mark Partridge and Steven C. Deller. June 28, 2009.

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RDP45 - Natural Amenities and Rural Development: The Role of Land-Based Policies. David A. Fleming, David A. McGranahan and Stephan J. Goetz. June 2009.

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RDP43 - Energy Boomtowns & Natural Gas: Implications for Marcellus Shale Local Governments & Rural Communities. Jeffrey Jacquet, January 2009.

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RDP44 - An Introduction to Natural Gas Development and Workforces. Jeffrey Jacquet, January 2009.

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RDP42 - Land Grant YES, Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium Proceedings. The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, November 2008.

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RDP41 - State Entrepreneurial Climate Estimates: An Update Based on the Kauffman Index. Stephan J. Goetz, September 2008.

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RDP27 - Richard C. Ready, May 2005. Revised July 18, 2008

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RDP40 - What Entrepreneurs Mean for Your Community, and How Entrepreneurship Can Be Fostered. Jackie Yenerall, July 2008.

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RDP39 - Population Change in the Northeast, 2000-2005. Tse-Chuan Yang and Anastasia R. Snyder, November 2007

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RDP38 - Targeting Regional Economic Development: An Outline of a National Extension Educational Program. Stephan Goetz, Steven Deller and Tom Harris, July 2007

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RDP37 - Regional Listening Sessions on Rural Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Northeast. Stephan J. Goetz and Walter Whitmer, July 2007